We make notebooks and journals to help you bring your creative day dreams to life.

The Rosemark Press story started on a busy day, in a busy year. We are both artists and crafters and yet we weren’t doing what we enjoyed most. There wasn’t any time or space in our lives for the sort of vast creativity we dreamed of. So we decided to use what moments we had, no matter how small they were. We each began with a notebook. As we wrote through those small moments, our creativity flourished.

One notebook led to another, and time slowed down. There was space for creativity, for time spent with each other and our friends, and with the creative pursuits we loved. We learned there is a kind of magic in writing things down, in the scratch of pen to paper, the feel of worn-soft pages, the heft and solidity of a notebook full of thoughts and dreams. We left the city, and found a quieter pace of life.

We made more notebooks and gave them to our friends, and urged them to write their dreams down, too. We cheered for them as they made their own cosy moments in their busy lives. We knew we wanted to help more people fill their days with joyful, creative moments, and grow the lives they dreamed of living.

We’ve designed Rosemark Press stationery to be joyful, optimistic, and full of quiet confidence — because that’s how we want you to feel when you write in your notebook. Even the smallest moment of creativity in a busy day is something lovely to treasure.

In Tasmania, we now live quiet, seasonal lives, watching the landscape change with the months. It is a place full of small wonders to be cherished, from the apples at the farmer’s market, to the first snow in the highlands, to the ripe strawberries in the summer sun. Those few minutes we spent with a journal, years ago, have grown into a life rich with creative endeavours and many, many treasured moments.

Our story started with us, but it continues with you.

- Lindzi & Thali.