Why You Should Carry a Notebook Everywhere

In a world of note-taking apps at the touch of a phone-screen, it might seem outdated to carry a notebook around with you. Yet there’s so many reasons why having a notebook to hand is practical, as well as inspiration-boosting.

It just feels right

Sitting at a café table, pen in hand, writing the latest chapter of your novel longhand . . . or perhaps you are planning the week ahead, or designing the latest creation to be made of your fabric stash . . . There’s something about the picture that just feels right. A coffee steaming gently beside you (or maybe it’s a pot of tea), rain on the windows (or maybe gentle sunlight), and the muted chatter of life ambling by around you. We’ve all seen the instagram-perfect picture rendition of this moment, and there’s a reason it’s always so appealing.

Stationery is beautiful

William Morris has a well-known quote about having nothing that isn’t both useful and beautiful. Stationery, we feel, fulfils that brief to perfection. There is a tactile beauty to the texture of paper, to the feel of a pen gliding across it. There is aesthetic beauty, too, in a collection of well-chosen stationery that speaks to your character, personality, and interests. Are you a matched-set collector, in stylish camel tones, or playful lavender and pink? Or do you like a bit of eclectic, gathered charm, of different styles pulled together? Or perhaps you just have a motif you love half-to-death, and every other aesthetic consideration pales in the face of that one thing. Whatever it is, you can make a statement with your stationery, and tell a bit of your story, too.

Capture inspiration as it comes

Tempt the muse to visit, and never forget a spark of inspiration when you have a notebook with you. Inspiration comes from the unlikeliest things, and you’ll be prepared for anything. Whether you jot a great idea down while you’re in line for a coffee, or you sketch the layout of a flowerbed in a cute cottage’s front garden, you’ll find your every day suddenly rich with lovely things to enjoy and write down.

Stay organised

Okay, let’s be practical for a moment. A notebook is a great tool for staying organised. You can use it to make to-do lists, write down appointments, or keep track of important dates. You can plan your shopping, or a dinner party, or a business launch event. With all of this information in one place, you’re less likely to forget something important, and you can keep all related notes together on the same pages.

Have a quiet moment

Spending time in a notebook can also help you unplug and disconnect from technology. When you are constantly writing down notes or looking up information on a phone, there is a high chance of being distracted from the task at hand. A creative thought derailed by an ill-timed app notification, or a pleasant morning soured by a not-so-nice email . . . we’ve all been there.

But time spent alone with a notebook is quiet. Uninterrupted. No one else’s words or thoughts are going to suddenly appear on your page and cut into your thoughts. How nice is that?


Have we convinced you? The next time you leave the house, don't forget to slip a notebook into your bag or pocket. You never know when inspiration might strike!


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