Tracking moments with the Rosemark Press habit tracker

An illustrated monthly tracker for habits, mood, weather or word-counts. (Or any other number of things, too).

Our inaugural gift for our mailing list (cheerfully known as the Rose Garden) is a pretty, illustrated tracker. With a leaf for every day of the month, this tracker can count any daily activity or occurrence you wish to track!

We've used our Rosemark Press Trellis Tracker, but any habit tracker can be used. If your tracker is blank (like ours), you can choose to label each leaf (or box) with a date if you prefer. 

There's so much you could do with a tracker, but here are some of our favourites. 

Watch the skies with a weather tracker

Using a colour key with temperature increments, or by colour-coding weather by type (rain, sun, cloudy, snow), colour each leaf accordingly. We used the A6 tracker to track the temperatures in sunny February.

(Making a colour key is a piece of cake. It's as simple as picking your increments (eg, for temperature: 0-5°C, 6-10°C, 11-15°C, etc), then assigning each a colour.)

Track a habit and keep up with your goals

Whether it's daily writing, drawing, exercise, or reading, colour in a leaf for every day you meet your goal.

Keep a record of your daily tea choice

A tea tracker is a cute addition to a journal or planner, and can be as simple as writing the daily tea choice, or colouring in each leaf corresponding to a tea in your collection (as we did here). 

Witness your word count growing

For writers, the daily word count can be a delightful challenge, or a daunting chore. For those motivated by numbers, write your daily word-count (or cumulative word-count) on each leaf.

Embrace your changing moods with a mood tracker

Colour-coded blocks are a perfect way to track your moods, and learn the rhythm of your moods month-by-month. 



If you've downloaded our Trellis Tracker, we'd love to see what you've done with it! Tag us on instagram, or use #rosemarkpress. 

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