10 Everyday Moments to Give a Greeting Card

Yes, it's easy to send a quick message or emoji to someone to show that you care. But there’s just something about a handwritten note or card that warms the heart. From the words, to the colour of ink, to the personal touch of your own unique handwriting — a greeting card can brighten someone’s day and bring happiness. Here are 10 everyday moments to give a greeting card to someone special, no birthdays or Christmas needed!

After a bad day

Work was a pain, or the universe conspired to heap inconveniences upon them, or they lost their favourite scarf . . . whatever made their day unhappy, consider dropping a card in the letterbox to let them know that they are loved and appreciated, and better days are ahead.

As a thank you

Whether it's for a gift, a kind gesture, or simply being there for someone, a thank you card can go a long way in expressing gratitude. Taking the time to write out your appreciation in a card might feel a bit old-fashioned, but in a most charming way!

A small victory

Whether it is completing a daily running goal or finally getting that sourdough loaf right, a cheery little card to celebrate the small things is always going to be appreciated. Sometimes the little victories get lost in the hustle of every day. It’s time to start celebrating them!

Celebrating creative achievements

Maybe they’ve finished that novel, or painted a giant painting, or finished knitting their first sweater! It’s a big deal! Make them feel like a champion with a card letting them know just how great they are.

Conquering a fear

Someone you love has been brave, but maybe they’re not making a big deal about it. Quietly celebrate their courage with a handwritten note, and they’ll know that someone noticed.

An anniversary of a happy memory

Two years ago, we had tea at that cute cafe in Japan. Let’s go back one day!

I tripped over your bag in the school hallway fifteen years ago, and we’ve been friends ever since!

Celebrate the happy memories that make up your friendship by sending a card letting someone know that you cherish the moments you’ve spent together. For an extra piece of cuteness, enclose a photo of the memory moment!

Feeling under the weather

Send a card and some sweet treats to someone stuck at home sick, and they’ll feel warm and treasured all day. Being sick is miserable, but it’s slightly less miserable when you know your friends are thinking of you.

For a new home

Whether it’s a new house, or shifting to a new rental, moving is a terrible, stressful chore at times. Acknowledge the achievement of getting it done with a thoughtful card of celebration or commiseration.

Cheering someone on

Whether it's for a big test, a job interview, or a tough situation, an encouragement card can offer a boost of confidence and motivation. If you can’t be there in person cheering them on and throwing confetti, then a card is the next best thing (and you can still add the confetti).

Just to let them know they’re wonderful

Maybe you know someone who is just so wonderful, you want to let them know. A card is a perfect way to do it! With the extra bonus of having something bright and cheery to put on their desk or mantelpiece for a while.

There’s so many moments that you could give a card, and special occasions aren’t required. Take a moment to show your friends and family that you love and appreciate them. It’s even better when it’s unexpected!

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