How to fill a day with creative moments (or, four tips for people who don’t have time)

If you feel like you never have a moment of time spare for anything, take a peek at our tips for finding a creative moment every day.

The sunshine casting soft, golden light through the leaves, a cup of tea steaming gently, the pages of a book, stirring in a light breeze . . . It sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? It’s just a small moment, in whole day of less idyllic things, and it’s all the more precious for it.

At Rosemark Press, we believe in small moments. The quiet, glorious contentment that comes from giving yourself time to enjoy the things you love. Our days are busy, and the world is loud and clamours for your attention. It would be nice to spend a day in an orchard, with a picnic and a notebook, writing or drawing or composing . . . but few of us have a life like that.

Instead, we have moments and minutes, and we can cherish them and indulge in them with all the spirit of that person idling in a sun-drenched orchard. Here are our best ways to make the most of those everyday moments, make space for creative sessions, and prioritise time spent just for you.

Make a cosy spot.

Our physical spaces are important. Make yourself a cosy spot, that you can return to when you have a moment spare. Our favourite sort of spot is a writing desk, with a comfortable chair, a fountain pen, and a small stack of books. Or you might pick an armchair by the bookshelf, or the kitchen table by the garden window, or a desk with all your creative supplies close-to-hand. . . where ever your spot is, keep it tidy and clear so you can settle in whenever you wish.


Make a cup of tea and give yourself the time to linger with it

How long is a moment? Well, as long as you’d like it to be! When the day feels too crowded and busy, this is our favourite way to give ourselves a moment to indulge in our own pursuits. Make a cup of tea, retreat to your cosy spot, and pull out whatever creative project you’re dying to work on. Perhaps it’s writing in your notebook, or knitting, or filling a sketchbook page? Whatever it is, you now have license to indulge in this quiet, happy moment until your mug is empty.


Make a routine or daily ritual

We are creatures of habit, here at Rosemark Press, and we love our daily rituals. Having something special to start your creative sessions will give you a mental and emotional cue that it’s time to start creating! We suggest making some rituals of your own, and here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • light a candle, or incense that is only used when you’re creating
  • play a piece of music to start your creative session, and use the same music to cue each session
  • make a cup of tea, and use a special blend only for creative sessions and moment
  • message a supportive friend or creative buddy that you’re getting started, as a moment of accountability and to get some moral support
  • put on a cosy sweater, painter’s apron, or other item of clothing as a sort of ‘creative uniform’ that you wear when you are creating.

Fill the gaps between the big things with quiet things

Despite best efforts, sometimes there just won’t be enough time in the day. During these times, we suggest just taking a moment where you can. Between breakfast and the first task of the day, while waiting for a coffee, or a few minutes on a park bench enjoying the fresh air before you head home from work. Our notebooks are perfect for seized moments like this. Being light and slim, they won’t weigh you down as you go about your day, and they’ll be there when you have a minute or two to write.




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